The Department of Ophthalmology of our medical group deployed a comprehensive clinic to provide health care to all customers of children and adults through consultants specializing in all disciplines of fine eyes such as eye correction and retinal problems and white water and blue with the provision of solutions and treatment options appropriate to all cases.

Health Services

  • Comprehensive eye examinations to evaluate vision and focus ability.
  • Visual Acuity Tests
  • Test for diabetic retinopathy or any other disease affecting the retina
  • Measurements of eye pressure and treatment of glaucoma
  • Simple surgical procedures such as:
  • Remove lipid deposits near the eye
  • Treatment of blocked tears
  • Treatment of work-related injuries such as upper eyelid rupture, assisted by medical stitches
  • Vision test bu computer
  • measurements of eye pressure
  • Fundus examination
  • Optic nerve examination
  • Colour discremination
  • Diagnosis of lazy eye and its management in pediatric
  • Diagnosis of squint in pediatric