Causes of difficulty breathing and how to treat them

Difficulty breathing from the troublesome problems caused by some diseases and the practice of some of the wrong habits, and there are ways to help avoid the difficulty breathing.

Many people experience difficulty breathing at different periods of their lives, which is an annoying feeling that has health risks in the event of recurrence and continuation.
Causes of difficulty breathing
There are many causes of difficulty breathing between the causes of illness and other reasons related to the state of psychological and daily habits. Here are the highlights:

1 – satisfactory reasons
There are a range of diseases that lead to difficulty breathing, including:
• Infection of colds: leads to obstruction of the airways and thus the difficulty of the process of inhalation and exhalation.
• Asthma: Chest diseases that cause tightness and swelling of the lungs, and lead to difficulty breathing, especially when exerting physical effort.
• Pneumonia: which is caused by bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae, accumulates fluids in the lung ducts, and causes breathing difficulties.
Heart problems: Many heart problems are associated with breathing, such as angina, heart attack, congenital heart defects, and irregular heartbeat.
Where the ability of the heart to perform its functions in a natural way, which affects all members of the body and the most important lungs, due to pressure in the blood vessels.
Anemia: which causes a lack of red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood.
• Obesity: a disease that causes trouble during breathing, especially when doing any extra effort.

2 – psychological reasons
An increase in anxiety, tension and nervousness can lead to breathing difficulties, and the person with stress begins to experience rapid breathing because of difficulty breathing normally.

3. Wrong daily habits
In the case of these habits can be wrong breathing can occur, namely:
• Smoking or presence in places full of smoke: as this affects the respiratory system and impede the breathing process, so the air is polluted with smoke.
In addition, harmful chemicals such as detergents, as well as exposure to dust and dust, can cause respiratory problems.
• Make a great effort: Exceeds the body’s capabilities, especially if the person has a respiratory problem or heart disease, breathing becomes difficult with this effort.
It includes climbing the ladder quickly, practicing stressful sports, or carrying heavy objects.

4- Pregnancy period
Some women suffer from difficulty breathing during pregnancy, which is normal especially in the early months.
This is explained by fetal pressure on the diaphragm, with women gaining excess weight, or when they are infected with a disease such as chest sensitivity or anemia.
Symptoms of difficulty breathing
The difficulty of breathing is accompanied by some other symptoms, namely:
Chest pain: If the cause is lung or respiratory problems in general.
• Heartbeat: which is caused by difficulty in breathing, and also related to heart problems that result in shortness of breath.
• Whistling sound: With rapid breathing attempts, a whistling sound can be heard.
• Increased sweating: Race also begins to appear largely as a result of a great effort in breathing attempts.
• Feeling tired and tired: The body needs oxygen, and a great effort is made to get it, and thus feel tired and tired in the body.

Treatment of difficulty breathing

You should first know the causes of difficulty breathing, and if repeated it is necessary to consult a doctor to start treatment.
Treatment of difficulty breathing can be divided into two parts, one medical treatment and the other a home remedy.
Medical treatments
• The use of oxygen masks: and the sessions of respiration industrial, and this is not a cure for the problem, but helps to breathe if it is very difficult.
• Treatment of the difficulty of breathing: If the cause is satisfactory, the patient must start a program of treatment of the problem, and thus get rid of breathlessness.
If the cause is chronic and is not completely eliminated as the sensitivity of the chest “asthma”, the patient must be committed to taking continuous treatment and doses determined by the doctor.
Oral sprays should also be used when asthma is caused by asthma.
• Taking some medicines: The treatment of respiratory difficulty caused by respiratory problems in allergy medicines such as antihistamines, bronchodilators, steroid stimulants that reduce bronchitis.
• If the cause is a problem in the heart, must be conducted tests required by the doctor to find the appropriate treatment.
Home Remedies
The following actions contribute to the prevention and treatment of breathing difficulties:
• Avoid breathing difficulties: If this occurs due to contaminated air, keep away from it as much as possible, or wear mouth and nose muzzle while in a place contaminated with fumes, dust or chemicals.
• Do not make a great effort: each person an amount of effort commensurate with his health and the nature of his body, and if this effort increased alone will face many health problems, notably shortness of breath.
• Eat healthy food: to strengthen the immune system and body organs, as well as to avoid obesity that lead to several diseases and difficulty breathing.
• Good ventilation at home: Breathing fresh air and getting rid of foul odors or viruses in the air will ensure proper breathing.
Bed linen and towels with face and nose contact should be kept clean.
• Stay away from sources of tension and anxiety: which affect the nature of breathing, and exercise must be practiced meditation sports with the correct breathing, it helps to relax the body and stay in a better psychological state.