We aim to provide excellent treatment and cosmetic services at the dental, facial and maxillary levels in adults and young people, according to the latest treatment methods and latest dental technology in the third millennium. Within specialized clinics fully equipped and modern covering all the therapeutic and cosmetic needs.

Health Services

  • Examination of oral and dental health
  • Simple extraction
  • Surgical extraction
  • All types of fillings after removing caries
  • Clean teeth and remove lime
  • Fixed and mobile fixtures (dentures, crown or bridge)
  • Orthodontics fixed and moving metal or invisible.
  • Gum treatment and surgery, oral surgery and treatment of cysts and infections.
  • Treatment of late burst of adult teeth
  • Panoramic X-rays for children and adults, to properly examine the jaw and detect any jaw disorders
  • Repair affected teeth including the teeth of the mind
  • Non-curved jaw treatment in addition to braces to help align the teeth
  • Bridging the gaps between the teeth using the brackets, whether the metal brackets or invisible
  • Dental contact lenses (Hollywood smile)
  • Whitening by plasma light